rhythm time

Your little one's confidence, creativity and co-ordination will flourish with our fun, quality music sessions. 

"The best music class in town" as quoted by our mums!

Our classes will help to nurture and enhance EVERY child's development and innate musical ability. At a critical time in your child’s formative years, Rhythm Time offers a wide variety of activities. These activities help brain development, balance, concentration, listening skills and language which in turn help with reading, writing, maths, co-ordination and socialising. Rhythm Time also helps stimulate your child's imagination and also develops specific musical concepts such as rhythm, pitch and listening. It's the perfect foundation for school and future music making! We are founding members of the Children's Activities Association which means that you can be confident that our classes are some of the best available for parents and carers.



Jen Telephone: 07951306920 or Email: [email protected]