Harvest Festival at Blaby Baptist Church

Thanksgiving ceremonies and celebrations for a successful harvest are both worldwide and very ancient. In Britain, we have given thanks for successful harvests since pagan times.

Harvest Festival reminds Christians of all the good things God gives them. This makes them want to share with others who are not so fortunate. In schools and in Churches, people bring food from home to a Harvest Festival Service. After the service, the food that has been put on display is usually made into parcels and given to people in need.

Blaby Baptist church was beautifully decorated with the most gorgeous of handmade ‘corn dolly’ decorations of Christian symbols, made by the very creative Mr. John Toone.

In Blaby Baptist Church we celebrated our harvest Festival with a lovely lunch after the celebration service which we also collected food for the not so fortunate.

We had a beautiful tree in the church with felt apples for the collection taken up for one of our charities we support: Open Hands. Sue Smout from Open Hands explained who the donations are for and why it is so important to help.  The compassion centre opened in 2006, and since then have helped thousands of people with meals, furniture and food parcels. The centre also offers training courses that give people life skills with the aim to improve their lives.

We are now a local drop­off centre in Blaby. If you would like to make a donation or need some help, please feel free to contact the church using the “Contact Us” Link